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Medical Aesthetics Laser and Skin Clinic has been helping people all around to feel and look better for five years now! In this time they have assembled a superb collection of lasers to treat skin conditions such as pigmentation problems, acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, unwanted hair, leg and facial veins, and tattoos.

In addition to the array of laser treatments available Medical Aesthetics offers Botox Cosmetic to soften lines on the face and neck,Botox Therapeutic to treat excessive sweating and headaches, sclerotherapy for large and small leg veins, mole and skin tag removal, acne therapies, scar revision and reduction, and skin cancer detection and treatment.

“There are two very exciting procedures being performed now,” says Kim Tomen, owner and nurse at Medical Aesthetics. “Long-lasting fillers are now being used to contour and correct facial features. You can recontour cheek bones, smooth the jawline, fill hollow tear troughs and give your face a lift that will let you look as young as you feel!”