Skin care products

Radiance, which is hard to define, is what signals to the world that all is well with your skin. In a medical sense, a look of radiance can be attributed to skin that is evenly pigmented, its texture is dewy and smooth, and the pores are so tiny that they might as well be invisible.

Medical Aesthetics is proud to introduce Biophora Skin Care, Alyria Optimizing System, Obagi Medical Skin Care Kinerase, Fallene Total Block Sun Care and several other individudal products for specific concerns. All of Medical Aesthetics’ skin care is medical grade – guaranteed to have appropriate amounts of active ingredients. The unique and ultimate advantages to our skin care are numerous: increased skin health and appearance, in-office support, office line of peels and products to compliment home care, and the ability to mix prescription medications such as antibiotic creams for acne, lightening creams for brown spots, and Renova or Retin –A, and Tazorac for fine wrinkles directly into the products. In combination with office procedures, our skin care can alter skin structure, increase cell turnover (which will lead to increased collagen production), and eventually remove or reduce the effects of premature aging due to sun exposure and pollution. The result is that RADIANT skin that we are all looking for!


Lotion or Cream, 40 g $75
Lotion or Cream, 80 g $115
Intensive Eye Cream $60

Medical Aesthetics home care

Anti-Aging Eye Area Relaxing Complex $50
Retinol 50 EmoluGel, Normal/Dry Skin $60
Retinol 50 Serum, Normal/Oily Skin $60
Vitamin C Ester Gel, Norma/ Dry Skin $65
Vitamin C Ester Serum, Normal/Oily Skin $65

Fallene total block sunblock

Developed specifically for individuals concerned with blocking the complete light spectrum, UVA and UVB wavelengths. No other sunscreen compares to the protective capability of Total Block.

Clear $40
Tinted $40
Water-Resistant $40

OBAGI Skin care

Physician prescribed skin care to correct photodamage and hyperpigmented skin. Start kit products last 5-6 months.

Starter Kit $395
Blender 4% $85
Clear $950
Exfoderm $70


Straight forward, easy to use, effective, medically supervised skin care.

Bioactive Cleanser, 250 ml $35
Bioactive Solution, 250 ml $40
Bioactive Solution, Extra Strength, 250 ml $45
Bioactive Gel, 60 ml $40
AHA Active Gel $45
Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, 60 ml $75
Day Protection, SPF 30, 60 ml $42
Night Protection, 60 g $45
DermaRich Moisturizer, 60 ml $65
Gentle AHA Cream, 60 ml $55
Antioxidant Moisturizer, 60 ml $45
Vitamin C Antioxidant Powder $65
Intensive Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, 35 g $40

For sensitive skin

Calming Cleanser, 250 ml $25
Calming Toner, 250 ml $25

For acne-prone skin

Night Antibacterial Veil, 60 ml $65

Travel sample kits

Element Exposed/Normal Skin $55
Acne/Oily Skin $55


Skin Bleaching, Moisturizing Cream, 28g $55