Lipodissolve & Mesotherapy

Lipodissolve is an innovative application of mesotherapy that specifically targets localized fat and cellulite deposits. The treatment slowly dissolves the deposits with injections of fat-dissolving substances. The body naturally eliminates the residue after a lipodissolve session over the following three to four weeks. Side effects can include mild swelling, bruising, discomfort, or itching.

Is this a new procedure?

Over the past 10 years, doctors in South America and Europe have successfully used mesotherapy procedures on hundreds of thousands of patients.

What areas respond best?

The areas that respond best to Lipodissolve treatment – in those who are not excessively overweight — are certain stubborn fat deposits that resist further reduction after diet and exercise. These include double chins, the abdomen, love handles, backs of arms, thigh saddlebags, knees, and wings (the area on the back, just beside the armpits). Lipodissolve has also been shown to improve and smooth out the skin.

What is involved in treatment?

Treatment typically involves a series of injections, administered in a clinical setting, at the target area(s) over several weeks. On average, one to four treatments, with 2 – 6 week intervals between them, are required to achieve the desired results for fat reduction. For cellulite reduction, at least four weekly treatments are required to improve the appearance of the skin. We usually suggest another four treatments done at 14 day intervals to further improve results with cellulite.

What are the advantages?

Among the many factors that are making lipodissolve and mesotherapy so popular are:

  • Safety: there is no need for a general anaesthetic
  • Ease: pain is easily managed during and after the procedure
  • Control: Lipodissolve can be fine tuned over the course of treatment
  • Appearance: there is minimal bleeding and bruising with no sutures needed
  • Speed: Lipodissolve has a relatively short recovery period, allowing a rapid return to work and normal activities; no hospital stay is required
  • Cost: Lipodissolve has a substantially lower cost than other methods of fat removal

Lipodissolve is now being used to help improve cosmetic irregularities which can occur after liposuction and it has been shown to improve the skin texture in cellulite.

Fat reduction & Cellulite

Lipodissolve $250 per treatment
Mesotherapy $500 per set of 4 treatments

Consultation required to determine course of treatment.

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