Botox, which is short for botulism toxin A, works by affecting nerve endings to make muscles temporarily inactive and thereby rendering the skin covering the muscles smooth. It is used to relax the muscles between the eyebrows and across the forehead most frequently, where an otherwise youthful face can be a picture of frustration or anger. Botox can also be used to soften crow’s feet, relieve baggy, puffy eyes, or firm up a neckline.

The procedure is quick and can be safely repeated after the muscles return to action, usually in about four to six months. The key to an effective Botox treatment is to erase frown lines without taking away the natural look that is inherent in you. There is no other procedure out there that will “WOW” you as much as Botox! People will compliment you on your relaxed and rested appearance.

Botox will hide most expression lines and keep new ones from forming, but further procedures may be needed to correct lines that are deeply etched into the skin.

Botox for excessive sweating

Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). Through a series of injections, the ability to produce sweat can be relieved for 7-12 months. Many insurance plans cover the cost of Botox for treating excessive sweating. Botox may also reduce the pain caused by migraine or tension headaches. Consultation required for all procedures.

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Cost of Botox may be covered by a third party insurance plan.


1 – 50 units $10
> 50 units $8
Special – purchase 30 units of botox and receive a microdermabrasion and glycolic peel to completely refresh your look! $350
Injection fee – hyperhidrosis plus the cost of Botox if applicable. $150 – $200
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